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Hey Ya'll

If you’re like me, then you love all things culture!

As time goes by it seems to be easy for culture and traditions to get lost in the shuffle. I especially love black and hip-hop culture and if you’re like me you find it important to ensure that the history is not only preserved but shared. I also find it important to be careful that we aren’t following the trends but rather we are staying classic and true to ourselves. Finding a clothing brand that is not only stylish but can provide a bit of a history lesson isn't common which is what makes The Classic Shoppe so unique.


I believe in the power of education through design & style. Our apparel serves as conversation starters, allowing my customers to become walking advocates for cultural understanding. I want to foster a society where appreciation and respect for black & hip-hop culture thrive. My commitment to preserving and promoting our culture fuels the creativity and originality behind every apparel design, transforming each piece into a vessel of knowledge and a symbol of cultural pride.


We’d love for you to partner with The Classic Shoppe wearing our apparel and passing along our messages.




about me

I'm a Mom of 2 wonderful children

Proud graduate of an HBCU

I have a Masters degree in curriculum and instruction with concentration in reading

I love researching hip-hop and black culture

I'm a sneaker-head and love to match my Classic designs to my sneakers

My favorite artist is Erykah Badu

My favorite book is The Alchemist 

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Interested in selling Classic wear in your store or need a wholesale order?

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