About Us

So it all started when our founder was shopping in a popular contemporary store one day and an overwhelming sense of frustration set in. As she flipped through rack after rack, she became more and more fed up with not being able to find what she was looking for; not one thing represented her. She did not want to wear something with a band she never listened to or a face of someone that she really did not have that much in common with, just because the colors matched what was needed to complete an outfit. And when she did find a rare gem with a person or a quote with whom she could identify, it seemed like it was the same person or quote, just served up different ways.

She began to wonder if the culture she loved and respected was truly appreciated or just being picked and pruned to fit into some trend. So she made her own trend, but in reality it was nothing she made and it is far from a trend.

It all boils down to this: if we don't honor and preserve our culture, who will? 

Keep it classic. xoxo